Users of computers running operating systems based on Microsoft Windows have the ability to connect several monitors to a single device. Users that need to view numerous apps at the same time and execute multiple applications at the same time may find this feature helpful. After you have connected two monitors to your computer (if you need assistance, the exact instructions that came with your monitors will provide it), extending the desktop, switching between the monitors, and setting dual-display are all relatively straightforward to do.

Switch Between Monitors

Step 1


Take a look at Microsoft’s Display utility. Open the Appearance and Personalization control panel (Windows XP: “Application Themes”). Next, select Display from the drop-down menu. (The “Settings” tab should launch the dialog box automatically.) If it doesn’t work, click on it to open it.


Step 2


Click to open the drop-down menu for the monitor, and then click again to select the monitor you want to use as your primary display after the drop-down menu has opened. Click the button to deselect the other monitor, if doing so is essential.


Step 3


Click “Apply.” Your settings will now be put into effect. If your changes show up as you hoped, click “Yes” to confirm the operation. If not, click “No” to undo the changes and retry. Once confirmed, click “OK” to exit the dialog box.

Dual-Display & Extend the Desktop

Step 1

Open the Microsoft Display utility (see previous section).

Step 2

Click to open the “Display” drop-down menu to view the list of monitors. Select the monitor you wish to duplicate or extend the desktop onto.

Step 3

Select “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor” and either tick or uncheck the box. If this box is not checked, the content that is now displayed on the focused will also be displayed on the secondary screen. In the event that this box is ticked, the content that is now displayed on the primary screen will be copied over to the secondary screen, which will then function as a single, much larger screen.

Step 4


In the confirmation window, click “Apply” and then confirm your selections by clicking “Confirm”. Click “No” if the settings don’t display the way you want them to.) To leave the Display settings, simply click “OK”.

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