How to make a skateboard box

How to build a skate box

As said last week, you can still skate during a pandemic! Just be alone and follow the distancing directions! Having to skate flat in front of your house might get dull, so today we’ll teach you how to make your own box!
With a quick peek in your toolbox and a trip to the hardware shop, you’ll be ready to build! Prepare all necessary equipment and arrange yourself comfortably in a large area.
Is everything ready? Let’s get to work!

Build the frame

Just as a building needs a robust foundation, a skate box needs a solid frame to sustain all of your tricks without buckling under the strain. Place two full-length 2x4s side-by-side on the ground and align them. Cut a second 2×4 into three equal sections. Afterwards, To make a rectangle out of the 2x4s, place two at each end and a third in the middle for support. All of this can be put together.

While building the frame, you’ll want to build the top of the box, too, but add some small 2x4s in the middle to support your weight as you slide it. A rectangle is formed by laying down the long 2x4s and tying them together with smaller ones at the ends. Add as many little 2x4s as you like between the 2x4s you already have. We decided to go with a total of 5.

Connect both parts of the frame

You’ll need to join the top and bottom of your frame together now that you’ve built them. Six 2x4s of varying lengths are required to join the bottom and top of the frame together. In all four corners and the center, screw your 2×4 pieces to the bottom of your box. To complete the frame, screw the top section on top of the vertical two-by-fours.
It should be solid and stable once the support beams have been installed and the construction has been properly secured. It should be able to handle your weight. You can keep going if the box sustains you without flinching when you jump on it.

Place the plywood

Now that you’ve completed the structure of your skateboard box, it’s time to lay down the ice. Your plywood sheet should be on the ground, with the box’s skeleton on top. Cut the two pieces of plywood after you’ve penciled in the box’s top and front surfaces and then used a saw to cut them out.
Ensure that the plywood covers the entire top of the box, but does not extend beyond the frame’s borders. If this is the case, be sure to remove any excess. Also, make sure the front is completely covered. Prepare the plywood by screwing it to both sides and making sure it is solid before adding the Iron angle.

Place the iron angel

The final step, but certainly not the least! When sliding or grinding on the iron angle of the box, this is where you will do it. As a result, the angle must be set just above where the plywood pieces of your box meet. A layer of wax is all that is needed to finish the box. It’s time for you to get on the ice!